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However, during the cold and flu season, Zeitler suggests sanitizing your sheets by washing them on a hot/warm cycle. This will also help reduce allergens. To keep darker colored sheets from fading, use cool water to wash and rinse. Pre-treating stains is a good way to make sure small stains are removed. For larger stains, or to whiten dingy sheets, a chlorine or color-safe bleach works best. Is there a proper way to add detergent to the washer? If your machine has a detergent dispenser, follow the machine manufacturer's recommendation for each detergent type. Some dispensers may only work with liquid detergent, or you may need to adjust or remove the dispenser when using powder detergent. For machines without dispensers, add the detergent to the washer drum before adding your load. If you're using detergent pods, follow the manufacturers' recommendations for both the washer and the detergent. There may not be sufficient water flow in the dispenser to fully dissolve the pod, in which case, you should place it in the washer drum before adding the sheets.

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